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Does private health insurance with a deductible make sense?

Almost all private health insurers offer their customers the option of agreeing deductibles or co-payments. Under certain circumstances, this can result in significant savings on premiums. We explain what deductibles in private health insurance are all about and when they are advantageous.


What to look for in a checking account

What to look for in a checking account

In the age of cashless payments and online banking, it is no longer necessary for the bank to be directly on site. There are ATMs on every corner and transfers or standing orders can be made conveniently from home. So what do you have to look out for in a checking account?

What is life insurance?

Annuity and life insurance policies offer their customers guaranteed benefits in old age, for …

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Miles and more - what you need to know about it

Lufthansa Miles and More is a frequent flyer program and offers the opportunity to collect and redeem miles in numerous ways. However, the program has long been worthwhile not only for frequent flyers. What exactly Miles and More is and how you can travel more comfortably with Miles and More, we will show you in detail!